Machine Learning Summer School 2016 in Arequipa, Peru

Machine Learning Summer School


The MLSS is a course offered to graduate students, researchers and professionals consisting of lectures by respected researchers from the industry as well as from academia.

The MLSS is a course promulgating modern methods of statistical machine learning and inference. While students and professionals are eager to learn about machine learning, only few machine learning courses are taught at universities.
The MLSS aims at filling this demand by presenting topics which are at the core of modern machine learning, from fundamentals to state-of-the-art practice. The MLSS is offered mostly to graduate students, but also to researchers and professionals.
Its speakers are leading experts in their respective field and/or world-recognized professionals from the industry, who explain and talk with enthusiasm about advanced concepts related to, but not limited to, machine learning, data analysis and inference. As in previous editions, we are very happy to announce a set of highly acclaimed speakers.